FAQs for Providers

Is Welltrack Connect free to join?

Yes! Individual providers and group practices and clinics are welcome to set up a profile and receive unlimited referrals at no charge!

If you are interested in highlighting your profile check out our Popular and Premium Plans which includes sponsored practice profiles, referral data dashboards, 24/7/365 clinical back-up coverage and more!

Why did you change your name?

We’re so excited about our growth! In late 2020 The Shrink Space was acquired by Protocall Services. Two years later, we continue to evolve and now with a brand transformation. The Shrink Space is now Welltrack Connect.

The name Welltrack Connect better aligns with our mission of seamlessly connecting students to community behavioral health providers. Welltrack Connect also lives within a larger ecosystem of behavioral health solutions called Welltrack. Each solution within Welltrack is integrated with each other and supports clients and customers across the behavioral health continuum. Learn more about all Welltrack Solutions here.

What does this name change mean for you?

Your username and passwords WILL NOT be changing! Moving forward all you need to do to sign is visit welltrack-connect.com/login.

How do I sign up?

Sign up is simple and you can do this by clicking the “List Your Practice” button in the top right-hand corner of our homepage. We ask that you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy as well as our business associate agreement when you sign up. When you are completing your profile, you’ll notice there are sections that are marked by an asterisk (*). We require that you complete these sections because we’ve found that this information is important to students.

Click here to watch a brief video with the steps to complete your profile.

If you are invited by a university to sign up, you will receive an email invitation with a link in it that will automatically connect you with that university’s referral list. Once you complete the initial sign up process, you will subsequently access your profile on Welltrack Connect by signing in at the top right-hand corner of our homepage via the “Login” button.

How do I edit my profile?

  1. Go to our homepage here: Welltrack Connect
  2. Click the Login button in the top right hand corner of the screen
  3. Enter your email address and password and click the Login button
  4. Navigate to your avatar (circular photo icon) in the upper right hand corner and click the 'Edit Profile' link
  5. Please be sure to complete all required fields marked with an asterisk (*)
  6. After you make any edits on a page, click “Save & Continue” and then navigate to the last page of your profile and click the “Save” button

What are the benefits of joining the Welltrack Connect community?

  • It’s free with no commitment! We are regularly adding new features for all of our users
  • Receive free tailored referrals and expand your referral base to students and counseling centers across the nation.
  • Save time on administrative tasks by receiving only those referrals that meet your availability and payment needs.
  • Locate quality adjunct treatment for your current clients (groups, medication management, psychotherapy).
  • Modernize your practice management to meet the technological expectations of today’s students.
  • Highlight your work and practice via Welltrack Connect Blog

Who can join?

We encourage you to join if you specialize or have an interest in working with the college mental health population and/or emerging adults. Our therapeutic services are geared towards students who attend colleges, universities or graduate schools. We welcome licensed mental health providers and prescribers as well as dieticians and nutritionists.

Can group practices join?

Yes, absolutely! We suggest that each individual member of a group practice to create their own profile to list specific specialties and availability so students can choose a particular provider who will be the best fit for their needs. Group practices can also create one general group profile for the entire practice. Groups and larger treatment settings have a specific profile template so please be sure to select “I’m creating one profile for my group practice” on the provider sign up page.

I’m trying to determine whether to create a group profile versus an individual provider profile. Which one should I select?

If you are an individual provider who operates within a group practice or larger treatment setting, and you would like to include information specific to your specialties, availability, theoretical orientation, or insurances you accept, we encourage you to create an individual provider profile. Please be sure to select “I’m creating an individual profile” on the provider sign up page. If you are the owner or administrator of a group practice or larger treatment setting and you would like to create one profile for the entire group (this will not include your specific provider names) then we encourage you to create a group profile. Please select “I’m creating one profile for my group practice” on the provider sign up page.

If I don’t have any openings, is it worth joining?

Absolutely! We’ve designed Welltrack Connect so that you can keep your online profile even when you are full by updating your availability to “I am not accepting new clients.” We hope this will reduce your administrative burden because you will not continue to receive excess referrals that you cannot accommodate. Once you have an opening, you can change your settings to “I am accepting new clients” and you can specify the exact hour(s) you have available and the associated payment type for that session (in-network, out-of-network, sliding scale).

Are limited permit psychologists allowed to join?

Yes. When you are completing your profile, just add in your relevant licensure information and we will verify this with the appropriate licensing board before your profile is active and searchable.

If I don’t accept insurance, is it worth joining?

Yes. There are many young adults who either have out-of-network benefits or may have the financial means to pay for sessions out-of-pocket. When you list your availability on your profile you can specify whether you are accepting only out-of-pocket/out-of-network, in-network, sliding scale, or any combination of the aforementioned.

Do you handle payment from insurance?

No. We are not involved in the payment management of a therapist’s practice. On your profile you can list the types of in-network insurance you accept, as well as the payment types you accept (cash, check, Venmo, etc.) but we leave the exchange of payment and insurance information between you and your clients.

How do I receive referrals from Welltrack Connect?

Students will initially make contact with you by submitting a brief email message through your profile page. You will receive this message at the work email address you listed when you completed your profile. The email will be entitled “New Referral” and sent from “noreply@welltrack.com.” We encourage you to check your spam folder regularly to ensure you are receiving these emails.

If I update my availability is a student able to automatically book an appointment?

No. Students are NOT able to automatically book an appointment with you on Welltrack Connect and they are not guaranteed your availability. When a student is interested in scheduling an appointment with you, you’ll receive an email message from them with their email address and phone number. You can then contact the student as you ordinarily would when scheduling your initial consultation appointment.

Why do you ask us to regularly update our availability and practice details?

Regularly updating your practice details provides you with tailored referrals while also reducing your administrative time spent responding to students who do not fit your schedule and practice needs. Students are more likely to reach out to providers who have hourly availability listed on their profiles. Counseling centers really want their providers to keep their schedules up-to-date because they can be more confident that the referrals they make will facilitate continued care for their students.

How can I contribute to the Welltrack Connect Blog?

We love to feature our providers’ work! We welcome any material that is relevant to college students, providers who work with emerging adults, or university mental health. Feel free to send along your written work to Customer Service for review. If your work is selected, we will of course credit you as the author and feature your work on our social media platforms. We will also link your blog post to your profile so students can learn more about your work.

How do I list my practice on a university referral list?

Providers on our site who have a university referral list noted on their profiles are those who have historically been connected to a school through a counseling center referral list. If you would like to be a “Community Provider” connected to a specific institution, please contact that institution’s counseling center directly to request to be added as a community provider on our website. Providers who are not on a university referral list will still be searchable to counseling centers and students alike.

I work with university students from a school that is not yet partnered with Welltrack Connect. How do I get the university to join?

We’d love to partner with more schools, so feel free to contact us through Customer Service. You might also consider reaching out to the university counseling center to let them know about our student referral service.

I just completed my profile, so why can’t I see it on Welltrack Connect when I search for myself?

After you complete your profile our team verifies that your license is active and in good standing. If we have any questions regarding your license information we will reach out to you via email. Once your license information is verified we will email you to let you know that your profile is live. We aim to verify all profiles within 24-48 hours of profile completion.

How do I get my video to upload to my profile?

We ask that you set your video privacy settings to “open” so that you are allowing access to all viewers. These settings have to be adjusted or managed on the third party (such as Youtube or Vimeo) websites directly. We’ve found that students like to watch small video clips of therapists because it helps them to get a sense of a therapist’s personality and therapeutic style. In your video feel free to share a little bit about your practice or your areas of specialty. We hope that the presence of profile videos will increase therapeutic fit between client and therapist. Read our blog post for more tips on how to upload a video to your profile.